Girls Achievement Consultation Program

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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Girls Achievement Consultation Program


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Category: Community

Start Date: June 30, 2016


Our goal is to successfully raise $50,000 to help our female youth to achieve their MOST successful futures possible!!!  The primary mission of Ruth’s Way, Inc. is to empower our youth by showing them that regardless of their past or current situation, they CAN achieve successful futures!  Our overall mission is to help young girls achieve long term success as ethical, virtuous women of society! 


Ruth’s Way, Inc. is an Achievement Consulting Agency for Girls ages 13-21, focusing in the core areas of Family Development, Care Coordination, Life Coaching, Life Skills, Job Readiness/Employment Soft Skills, Mentoring and Counseling.  What makes our program unique, is the fact that we provide these services from a Strength-based perspective, where we focus on empowering our youth by encouraging them to lead this entire process, and THEY control how they are going to achieve their most successful future possible!  We provide our girls with the blueprint on how to PROPERLY deal with life’s milestones so that they can achieve long term success, long after they graduate from the program!


Our Philosophy: Through the elements of Family, Friendship, and Faithfulness, we are blossoming our girls into virtuous women! 


Since we have been so successful in helping so many girls achieve their goals of success, our agency has grown immensely and we need to be able to accommodate this growth by providing our services to a larger number of girls.  By reaching our project goal of $50,000 we will be able to help a larger number of girls who so desperately need our services.


For more information on our agency, programs, and a glimpse of our girls’ phenomenal journeys of success, please visit our website at !

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