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Catholic book rescue project


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Ianua Caeli

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Catholic graphic and web designer/coder with a desire to make more known the intellectual and spiritual treasures of the Church

Category: Education & Research

Start Date: November 20, 2020

Hello, my name is Isaac. I'm a Catholic Graphic designer that wants to help bring great books of Catholic Culture and knowledge back (after being frustrated of seeing so many treasures not available anymore). 

The Church has a huge heritage in all areas of knowledge, many in books no longer in print or very difficult to find.  We want to put them back in the hands of clerics and faithful by digitalizing them and turning them into ebooks (real ebooks, not only photo-PDFs) and finally reprinting them (re-typeset, no blurry facsimiles).

I've managed to put together a team of five people (including me) and we are able to digitalize —and translate— books in English, Spanish and Latin.
We will start only digitalizing books (translation is a bit farther down the road) that can be useful for clerics (Philosophy, Theology) and spiritual/moral books for general reading (devotionals for kids, meditations, liturgical years and the timeless manuals for parents).

For continuing with this Apostolate we need to buy
  • » book-scanners and computers for the team (both desktop and laptop to be able to travel and take pictures wherever), 
  • » software for processing, graphic design (e.g. Photoshop, InDesign, yearly subscription), and sharing (DropBox yearly subscription).
  • » an Ipad (for photos and ebook testing, we already own a kindle)
  • » a professional camera (for high quality photo-books, image details in books, missal wood cuts, or other design elements)
  • » a printer for testing
  • » The first batch of books to digitalize.

    Spreading the project and suggestions of books are also appreciated! (limited to old, not in-print, not available books)

Thanks and GodBlessYou!

Our Lady, Mother of God: Pray for us!

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