Carwasch for youth

Manassas, Virginia


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Carwasch for youth


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Carwasch for the youth

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Category: Youth

Start Date: May 15, 2017

Hy I want to open up a carwasch next to a home for kids from 16 til 18 they can donstudent work in the carwasch in exchange we pay their studies and housing when they turn 18 years old beacause the state put those kids on the street 1 need this money to buy the existing carwasch next to the home and put some new equipment inside now it is only a wash street but there is a wharehouse next to it that we can buikd to do polisgh work and inside cleaning for cars there is a store and a sandwisch bar next to it i hope thru this way to find enough money for them and it keeps them of the street Kind regarts

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