SAFL Christmas Blessing Bags

Berywn Heights, Maryland


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SAFL Christmas Blessing Bags


16% funded

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Sidewalk Advocates for Life, Berwyn Heights, Maryland

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Katherine Hunter

Sidewalk Advocates for Life, Berwyn Heights

Category: Volunteer & Mission

Start Date: November 25, 2019

Save lives with $5 blessing bags! 

Each bag includes:

Optionline Pregnancy Aid Hotline
Local Regional Resources Virginia/Maryland/DC
Talk About Adoption
Precious Feet 10 week pin 
Lovely treats for the mother 

By showing women in crisis pregnancy small acts of kindness and outreach, we have saved babies and their mothers from abortion. 

We encourage all mothers to contact our local pregnancy resource centers to choose parenting with support, or open or closed adoption. 

Your donations make a difference! Thank you! 
We are fundraising for 80 outreach bags for Christmas week. 

Approximately 80 women come to the abortion clinic every week. This increases around the Christmas season. 

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