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Sandra Merritt

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Catholic Funder


Category: Pro-life

Start Date: April 23, 2016

Sandra Merritt and David Daleiden were instrumental in uncovering Planned Parenthood’s widespread trafficking of baby body parts through their undercover journalism with the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), exposing a scandal that rocked the nation throughout the summer of 2015. Increased numbers of pre-born babies were spared as a result of the national conversation that ensued along with the increased efforts of pro-life counselors and activists. Subsequently a congressional investigation was launched, 9 states defunded Planned Parenthood, and hundreds of thousands protested nationwide, all in the aftermath of CMP’s video releases.

Abortion groups, including abortion giant Planned Parenthood, have struck back with lawsuits against Sandra and David. Additionally, the pair are facing an indictment. Despite the horrific video evidence of Planned Parenthood executives discussing profiting from aborted baby parts, a Houston grand jury has instead targeted the journalists who exposed the scandal, indicting the pair on charges of falsifying IDs and offering to purchase fetal organs.

The indictment and lawsuits have put both emotional and monetary strain on Sandra. She has received hate mail and threats at her home address, heavy media scrutiny, and has had to take time off from her work to deal with all the legal challenges. As someone who is self-employed, this has taken a heavy toll on Sandra’s finances. Please consider supporting Sandra and thanking her for exposing the horrifying practices at Planned Parenthood and saving the lives of hundreds of pre-born babies.

All the money donated to Sandra Merritt through this site will go to her, with the exception of the credit card fees which are 2.9% + 30c. If you would like to send a check, please email me at

Endorsements for this Campaign

Lila Rose - President, Live Action

Troy Newman - President of Operation Rescue and Founding Board Member of the Center for Medical Progress

Brian Schardt - Founder of Catholic Funder,

“Sandra Merritt has given me hope again that individuals like us can actually make a huge difference. She’s done her part now its our turn”

Terri Johannessen - State Director of Concerned Women for America, Florida

“Sandra Merritt wanted to help end abortion. A teacher, she wanted to do what she could to help protect all children, including those in the womb. She is now facing a felony…something she didn’t realize was at stake when she started working on an undercover video project. She was not an activist. She did not work in the prolife movement. She was an ordinary woman who is now in an extraordinary situation. She is a mother and a wonderful woman who needs our prayer and support now more than ever. I am honored to call her a friend.”

Abby Johnson - Former Planned Parenthood clinic director, now CEO and Founder of And Then There Were None-prolife ministries

“Sandra Merritt is a courageous woman who revealed to the world the butchery of children that occurs every day inside Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. Now America’s largest abortion provider is suing Sandra to silence her. And Sandra faces a bogus criminal charge in Houston for common journalistic investigative reporting. Sandra will not be silenced. She has risked everything in order to shine a light on Planned Parenthood’s illegal harvesting and sale of baby body parts. We must stand with Sandra and stand against the bullies who seek to destroy and silence her.”

Mat Staver - Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel

“Sandra Merritt answered the call to go into some of the darkest corners of American society, and now we must answer the call to support her in this next battle she faces.”

Jennifer Fulwiler - Author, speaker, and host of the Jennifer Fulwiler Show,

“Sandra Merritt may be the most courageous woman in the United States. Sandra daringly volunteered to pose as a fetal tissue buyer in the most dangerous place on the planet – Planned Parenthood. Sandra’s expose has crippled Planned Parenthood. But now Planned Parenthood is firing both barrels in Sandra’s face and she needs our help more than ever.
My friend, Sandra, was there for the unborn babies. Now we need to be there for her! Please make the largest donation possible right now.”


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