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Resurrecion del Senor


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Parish of the Resurrecion del Senor

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Arthur Cromwell

English tutor who spent over 7 years in Valencia, Venezuela, with my wife,Isa, who is an accountant. The collapsing internet forced us to move back to the US March 15 as we both depend on it 100% for work.

Category: Hunger & Housing

Start Date: May 8, 2019

We are trying to raise desperately needed funds for a local parish in San Diego Venezuela where my wife and I lived and worshiped for over 7 years until the infrastructure collapse of this March forced us to move back to the US. The internet was collapsed and we depend on that 100% for our livelihood. The needs of the people of Venezuela are critical and only getting worse by the day. This fundraiser is for the needs of locals who cannot get enough food or medicine as well as the needs of the parish. Crushing, historic inflation has made it impossible for the parishioners to maintain the church and support its needs. One of the pressing needs is for money to finish an electric fence to stop thieves from continually jumping the wall and stealing whatever they can get their hands on including, copper wiring, chairs, lighting fixtures, etc. Another need is for new sound equipment so that the priest and choir can be heard throughout the church. In addition, there is a local chapter of Caritas at the parish which is very active in visiting a local hospital, bringing food, clothing, gifts for young children, having events where children from a poor parish are given a nice meal and small gifts and clothing if possible.  They also regularly visit the prisoners at a local police station bringing food and whatever else may be of need. In spite of the very real needs of the parishioners, these people are still focused on helping those in even greater need. Anything you can do to help would be a great blessing to people in real need, and a source of joy and gratification for you, knowing you are making a real difference.Recently many of you may have seen the terrible scenes of humanitarian aid being blocked by Venezuelan military at the Colombian and Brazilian borders. Having just returned 6 weeks ago after about 7 and a half years, I can tell you the need is very real, and critical. Please do what you can. God will repay you. 

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