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England: Cardinal Nichols Research


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Category: Education & Research

Start Date: September 21, 2019


The College of Cardinals is made up of a large and diverse group of men. Their names, not to mention their characters, commitments, and actions, are often unknown to faithful Catholics at large and in many cases to each other. This is especially a problem when the cardinals come together in a conclave to choose the next pope. Recent developments have produced a dizzying number of stories, allegations, and documentation concerning the leaders of the Church. Our mission is to assist the cardinals, and the Church in understanding the characters, track records, and priorities of the cardinals.


Our flagship project, The Red Hat Report, provides a survey of the cardinals’ records. It is not a political project and will not endorse or attack any cardinal. It is, fundamentally, a project of the lay faithful, conducted by professional academic researchers and investigators in order to promote greater transparency, accountability, and fidelity. Our mission is to empower the Sacred College of Cardinals, and the Church as a whole, with the best vetted, most accurate information about the hierarchy. 

Our project overhead is already covered, and every dime we receive with this fundraiser will go directly to research and editing.

Please see our sample file on Kevin Cardinal Farrell.

This is a grassroots project and we need your help!

God bless you for your support,

Philip Nielsen


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