Walking in Their Shoes

Fort Worth, Texas


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Walking in Their Shoes


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Bron Chapman

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Terry Fowler

A Director on Outreach in a Box

Category: Youth

Start Date: November 4, 2016

Tis' the Season for a Shoe Drive. We serve children that live in a neighborhood where broken beer glass, blades and other dangerous things are in the streets, on the playground and hiding in the grass. The children currently share shoes with other family members and their peers. Each week we watch the children run to our vehicles with over sized shoes flopping vigorously or with no shoes at all. One director detailed how she saw a six year old girl with boots as tall as her legs and as big as both of her feet put together. We are asking for donations so that we can purchase each child a pair of shoes to get them through to the next season and maybe beyond. With your donation and your continued prayer for these children we can ensure that each child has a pair of shoes for the winter and of their own. We thank you for coming to our fundraising page with a heart to help and serve. You hope that you leave a donation and a prayer. The children are dedicated, loving and most of all God's. Again thank you.

Description of our outreach:
Our mission is to build a bridge between church and community through onsite service, mentor ship, prayer and meeting the needs of the community we have called to serve. We are Elegchos because we believe that the will of God is that every man, woman and child be saved.   

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