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Sr. Stephanie Baliga's peer-to-peer campaign:

Sr. Stephanie's Fundraising Page! is a fundraiser for Team Our Lady of the Angels 2017

Chicago, Illinois


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Team Our Lady of the Angels 2017


71% funded


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Category: Community

Start Date: October 27, 2016



I hope you are well! I am running the marathon this year for 2 specific aspects of the Mission's work

1) OUR NEW SECRET RENOVATION PROJECT! Let's just say it's going to be great, but we're going to need a lot of $. It is going to transform the Mission's ability to reach the neighborhood. Like make us a super legit non profit where we store donations at ground level. Whoa. We can't make it public yet because we're waiting for a few more papers from the Archdiocese. I just upped my fundraising goal to help pay for the boiler (see letter). 

2) THERESA- ONE OF OUR NEW POSTULANTS! Theresa is one of our new awesome new postulant sfrom Texas! She has to raise about $40K to become a novice next year. We're going to help take care of a bunch of that with this epic fundraising campaign

The team this year is an absolute miracle. There is no reason beyond the grace of God that this team should be so big and doing so well. I am incredible grateful for your support and humbled to be called the leader of this amazing team called TEAM OLA!

Know of my prayers + God bless, Sr. Stephanie 

    The Mission of Our Lady of the Angels establishes a Catholic presence 
    in West Humboldt Park on Chicago’s west side.

    This area is presently one of the poorest neighborhoods in the City of Chicago. The purpose of the Mission is twofold: to assist the materially poor and to share the treasure of our Catholic compressed.JPG

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