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Support Pro-life Students


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Category: Pro-life

Start Date: February 1, 2018

It's 2018. The pro-life movement is growing exponentially. While momentum continues to build, our government's acts of hostility and discrimination are reaching an all-time high. 

Once again, the Liberal Government is doing everything possible to keep young, passionate, pro-life advocates off the streets. The extreme position of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on abortion is being exposed, and it's crystal clear that he's politically motivated to misrepresent a tremendous amount of Canadians and their values.

So far this year, CCBR has already been mentioned by name on the floor of the House of Commons, been condemned by Justin Trudeau himself, and referred to by almost every single major news outlet across Canada - and many others internationally. Why? Because we are seen as a real threat by the most pro-abortion Prime Minister this country has ever had. It is because reaching 4 million Canadians in 2017 did not go unnoticed. It is because the Canadian pro-life movement is alive and well. It is because they know we are rebuilding Canada's pro-life consensus - and they've just noticed that there are a lot more pro-life communities in this country than they thought there were.

Will you help us keep 50 passionate, pro-life activists on the streets this summer, and be a vital part of showing the truth of abortion to millions of Canadians again this year?

After taking the government to court for denying our students funding last year, the Liberals were forced to settle with CCBR in December of 2017 and pay out a portion of what they owed our summer interns. Because our pro-life community stood with and behind us when those funds were denied, we will be using the settlement funds to cover a portion of our 2018 summer program.
Thanks to this, our student funding campaign for this year is significantly less than  last year.

Justin Trudeau has publicly condemned us because he hates the message we are sending. With your help, we will stand up for what is right - regardless of the opposition we face. 

Speak for the 100,000 children being slaughtered in Canada this year alone. 
Be a voice on behalf of the little ones whose silent screams cannot be heard, but whose broken bodies can be seen.

Any amount that you can give is a monumental contribution to the future of the pro-life movement, and most importantly, saves lives. 

Thank you for fighting this battle together with us, and for taking this opportunity to #standforlife! All of us at CCBR are deeply grateful for your commitment and continued support at this pivotal time.

Let's take a stand, and make our voices heard!

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