Martha Flipping Script on Cancer

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Martha Flipping Script on Cancer


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Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: November 10, 2018

In early August, 2018, Martha, my 13 year-old daughter, noticed a small bump under her left jaw, and it felt like a swollen lymph node. I brought her to an urgent care Centre on Sunday, August 5th, where she was treated for an infection with amoxicillin and prednisone. when the bump did not reduce in size after another week, I brought her to her pediatrician,  who referred Martha to a pediatric ENT, on September 6th an ENT at st. Louis Children's Hospital ordered an ultrasound which was inconclusive. She then ordered a biopsy which was done on September 14th. The biopsy results were NUT midline carcinoma, a very rare and aggressive form of Cancer, in her submandibular salivary gland. Due to the rapid growth of the tumor, Martha underwent surgery at children's hospital. Her surgeon is the division chief, Head and neck oncologic surgery at Washington University. He performed a neck resection with excision of the left salivary gland and tumor on September 28th. She was admitted for two nights. The margins were clear and it did not spread. Due to the aggressiveness and low percentage of survival rates of NUT, however an MRI, MRI with contrast and PET scan were ordered. Those were performed and all results were negative.             The next steps are radiation and chemotherapy. These two in conjunction with one another gives the best survival rates She is being treated at siteman lads at st. Louis children's hospital by the radiology and oncology team. we believe her treatment will last between 8-9 months.             Due to the extensive treatment needed, we are asking for financial support to help us with Martha's medical expenses. We appreciate any and all support from friends and well-wishers near and far. She will beat this!

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