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Pro-life Students' Crowdfunding


100% funded

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Category: Pro-life

Start Date: April 27, 2017



Very recently, CCBR received confirmation from the Liberal Government that our summer students have been denied over $150,000 of wages for this year - this is simply because they are pro-life

After a lobby campaign by the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, the Liberal Government announced that pro-life groups previously receiving grant funding will now be denied.

Each of CCBR's students meets all the qualifications necessary to receive this funding, and as such, have received this grant for the past number of years. The purpose of the Canada Summer Jobs grant is simply to ensure that students have paid employment. Our government has determined that it can choose whether or not to grant a benefit on the basis of one's opinion and belief.

Trudeau's Liberal Government has inserted an ideological purity test into a taxpayer-funded program and politicized a program simply intended to get students a paying summer job.

Will you donate to prove to our government that we won’t be bullied into keeping pro-life students from being paid?

30 summer students are beginning their employment this week.

These students have been working toward, and planning their summer to be part of reaching 4 million Canadians with the truth about abortion.

We have been the first target in a campaign by the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, which is determined to make sure the government denies any funding to all groups that respect the sanctity of life. We know that you care about saving the lives of pre-born children.

Due to this discriminatory treatment from our Liberal Government, we must fundraise $150,000 of the total funds we’ve been refused.

We are
confident that there are enough pro-life people like you, who are willing to make an emergency, one-time donation to assist in carrying out our summer programs as planned!

Take a stand. Donate today.

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