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A Father's Heart


23% funded

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Dharma Dhoj Lama

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Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: January 2, 2018

Dear friends and family,

What would you give to keep your father's heart beating? I asked myself this question when I got an email from my friend, Gunjan. We were members of the Catholic Worker community in South Bend, Indiana in 08-09. Gunjan was studying lab technology and working at a convenience store. He's one of the brightest and hardest working people I know. Due to his visa, he needed to move back to Nepal, and we've stayed in touch.

His dad, Mr. Dharma Dhoj Lama, needs a pacemaker. It's an $8,000 expense for a family just making ends meet. They have been dealt hard knocks in recent years by the political situation in Nepal as well as a major earthquake. Mr. Lama is pictured here with his granddaughter Princika. He is a retired geologist and loves hunting and fishing. His heart is only beating at 1/3 capacity right now. 

In order for the surgery to be scheduled, over half of the cost must be paid up front, $4500. Gunjan hopes to raise the full amount by January 10. Fin and I are able to give $700 right now. I would really appreciate if you can lend a hand, too. Even $10 or $15 dollars makes a difference. (Note: The currency is listed in Swedish Kronor by default since I live in Sweden. It's about 8.2 Kronor to 1 US Dollar.) Gunjan is looking for work in Canada, Sweden or elsewhere so that he can better support his family. If you have any leads on possible work, that could also be a big help. Feel free to call, email or message me on Facebook if you have any questions:  ezarzana@gmail.com, +46 70 028 5062.

What better gift could you give than keeping a father's heart beating?

Lots of love,


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