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Vital Collection


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Jesus Cazares

I'm on a mission to spread the love of Jesus through word art and t-shirts. I love God and Jesus our Lord and Savior, ministry, flying in my dreams, drawing, basketball, Youtube, Facebook, IG, fabric paint, the word truth because it sets me free every time remember Jesus message to you "I love you" and "I will never leave you".

Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: March 15, 2019

What we seek is to spread the message of Jesus on plain shirts with a theme that means life in Christ. God created us saying a word. We can do the same with T-shirts made by hand to outreach in the name of Jesus. A ministry focuses on a Vital Collection of different messages that have the power to change lives. Memories that will last forever and will save many. Jesus is the answer before the revelation begins the outreach must eliminate sin. Jesus said to love him with everything inside and love thy neighbor as you love yourself. Communicating and understanding his word to spread the good news and be saved. Our family, friends and future generations are embrace in each other closer to God because of the power in the name of Jesus.

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