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The Pulse Ministries Road Map


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Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: June 2, 2016

In 2009, part-time youth pastors Ed & Laura Wolanksi of Jacksonville, FL, needed to find a new meeting space for their displaced high-school & young adult church youth group. After renting an inexpensive 1,000 SF storefront in an affordable but depressed neighborhood, The Wolanskis found the needs of the area’s unchurched youth different from the needs of their churched teen group. Soon The Pulse Christian Youth Center evolved organically into a community hub for youth church services, safe, wholesome activities and helps such as meals, clothing, and school supplies for students. From 2009 to 2013, The Pulse grew rapidly, adding another weekly church service each school year (totaling 4), doubling its full-time staff, and doubling its facility space.  Thankful for the call to this unique ministry, and sure that God would provide for its needs, the Wolanskis responded to each challenge as it came, and instituted the Pulse Advisory Committee for more accountability and help in decision-making. Over the most recent two years, growth has leveled off and the ministry operation has stabilized. The Wolanskis now realize the need for a strategic plan to move into the future. The plan will cover increased fund raising to sustain the existing staff at a living wage, hiring additional staff to relieve the burden of Ed & Laura’s crushing workload, recruiting more volunteers, partnering more with other organizations for programming, planning for a new facility, etc. The long-term viability of this ministry is uncertain without a road map to go forward.

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