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Transportation Fund


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Casa Maria Catholic Worker

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Category: Hunger & Housing

Start Date: January 31, 2017

Casa Maria is an intentional community, dedicated to following the tradition of the Catholic Worker movement. We are requesting funds to help with transportation costs for individuals and families who currently stay with us or have in the recent past. Specifically we are trying to help with bus passes to get to work, appointments, meetings and interviews. We currently run four houses:
Casa Maria (1131 N. 21st St.) takes in single mothers and their children who are in need of housing.
Sister Pat's House & Mapendo House (1127-29 and 1124 N 21st St.) provide longer-term housing to families and women who need more support. They stay with us until such a time that they can find work and a decent place to live. 
Harmony House (1149-51 N 21st St.) is a community house where volunteers stay and live in common. Harmony House also invites refugees, asylum seekers, and others facing difficulties within the immigration system to be a part of our community for a transitional period of time.

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