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NET Flight expenses


50% funded

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jesse pascua

you can't be a dragon slayer without a few dragons in life.

Category: Volunteer & Mission

Start Date: August 12, 2016

Hello! My name is Jesse. Let me tell you a story. It ends with an opportunity for you.

Two-thirds of American Catholics avoid Mass. We all suffer because of this. NET Ministries's work will change that trend. They energize thousands of Catholic youth every year. The result is a personal encounter with Jesus Christ! NET Ministries sends out teams of young Catholic men and women. These teams travel across the country conducting retreats. They spread the gospel. In March, they offered me an amazing opportunity. NET Ministries asked me to join their team. I would take part in this Catholic evangelization movement.

But God had more surprises in store for me. I am an Army Reservist and my unit received mobilization orders. This prevented my chances to serve with NET Ministries.

However, with incredible generosity, NET Ministries offered me an alternative. They understood my situation and sacrifice. Military obligations outweight my desire to serve with NET Ministries. Even so, they asked me to join the initial NET training. For two weeks, I'll train with the other 185 missionaries. It will be a time to strengthen my relationship with Christ. I will also learn NET’s effective methods of evangelization. God willing, NET Ministries is still in my future. After my mobilization, I will reapply. Then, I plan to serve as a NET Missionary.

This is where you can share in my journey. NET Ministries held training in St. Paul MN. My personal and travel expenses amounted to about $1,000. So, I need your help raising these funds. I will donate any additional money I raise to NET Ministries. This donation reimburses NET for some operational cost in training.

Thank you for your support. May God bless you and keep you.


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