Fight for my family

Sacramento, California


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Fight for my family


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Frank Diaz

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Frank Diaz

I'm a happy easy going guy with a huge heart that is breaking right now without my family together and the battle ahead

Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: December 25, 2019

My family and I recently moved to Sacramento to help my fiance's mother care for her grandmother. When her grandmother passed she left property to her other daughters who decided to sell . So we were forced to move in a short period of time.we found a duplex and moved in only to find 3 weeks later that the guy we dealt with was not the owner and that the real owner found out what he was doing so we had to move again. We stayed in motels for approx 3 months till we found the apt we are in now. Less than a week at this apt and my teenage daughter contacted authorities and acused me of a terrible crime because she did not want to do her chores or have to get up to go to work with me. I dint think she really knew the consequences that her accusation could carry. Once CPS got involved it was too late. We got passed it and were doing just fine til 3 months later police bash my door in throw me to the floor and point their guns at my daughter and fiance. I spent 8 days in jail til $5,000 bail was paid for my release. I am a disabled vet and my pay is not enough for any of this. My public defender is no good and a private attorney wants a $10,000 retainer. The discovery had incorrect statements important parts omitted and you could tell my daughter was given closed end questions that led to her statement I go to trial next month for something I did not do, I am innocent and face 8 years in prison! I have a clean record and am a good man. My daughter is a great kid also, she just said something she really didnt think would do to us what it has done do far. I am fighting not only for my freedom but to keep my family together and not let a corrupt legal system break us up. Legal expenses and travel along with jail time has placed us in a huge financial hole. We have lost everything. I am asking for help to obtain a private attorney to prove my innocence and expose the flaws within our court and legal system Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any help is very much appreciated

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