Un-Mask Idaho Children

Lithia, Florida


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Un-Mask Idaho Children


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Colton Boyles

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Colton Boyles

Mr. Boyles is dedicated to serving his community and assisting those who need legal guidance and counsel.

Category: Freedoms

Start Date: January 11, 2021

Basin School District No 72 in Boise County, Idaho is requiring students to wear face coverings or stay home. The State, Department of Health and Welfare, local health district, county and city have all refused to require face coverings. Idaho City High School parents and students have filed suit in Boise County, Idaho alleging that this violates parental rights, religious liberties, informed consent and Idaho law and causes grave harm to Idaho students. Where does the school district get the authority to make law and force health decisions upon students against the wishes of the parents? Please help support these courageous parents and students fight back against dictatorial and Marxist school board trustees and check in here for updates.

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