Prayers for Sweet Sydney

Atlanta, Georgia


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Prayers for Sweet Sydney


100% funded

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Stephen and Sarah Weiss

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Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: July 24, 2016

The unimaginable began Wednesday, July 20th.  Two year old Sydney Weiss was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Her parents, Stephen and Sarah Weiss, scheduled surgery for their little girl on Friday, July 22nd.  Friday morning, the whole family loaded up and began a journey a parent doesn't ever want to take part in.  Once they arrived at Scottish Rite, they sat in the waiting room anxiously willing the phone to ring with a most recent update as to the doctor's progress.  As they sat outside, Sydney was not alone in that operating room.  She had the comfort and protection of the many prayers from her parents, family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers that heard about her story sent a prayer up too. 

Finally the news came.  The doctors were able to remove all of the tumor!  Tears of joy began in that hospital room, traveled through phone lines, text messages, and emails and resulted in high fives, smiles, and hugs!.  Now Sydney and her family begin recovery and wait.  They wait for a diagnosis, to see what the future brings, and for some more answers.  They wait sleeping upright in hospital chairs and makeshift beds.  They long to hold their baby girl again and free her from the many tubes and wires surrounding her.  And as they wait and wait and wait we help.  We help take away some of the burdens of things they shouldn't have to worry or think about right now.  And we continue to pray for Sydney's strength, recovery, and diagnosis. 

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