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Valley Fire Phoenix Rising Eco Village is a fundraiser for Valley Fire Phoenix Rising Eco Village

Santa Rosa, California


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Valley Fire Phoenix Rising Eco Village


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Valley Fire Phoenix Rising Eco Village Fundraiser

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Milli Cannata

Each and every day, someone, somewhere in my city needs my services. My job today is to find them!

Category: Community

Start Date: July 18, 2016

This is my fundraiser for Valley Fire Phoenix Rising Eco Village campaign. Please help me reach my goal and help this great cause!

Valley Fire Phoenix Rising

MISSION: The Phoenix Rising mission is to turn the devastating wildfires of 2015 into an unparalleled opportunity to rebuild our communities, homes and businesses in an extra-ordinary, earth-friendly, sustainable and healthy way.

VISION: We envision a community in which diverse people engage cooperatively to co-create housing and an economy that regenerates the natural ecosystems. This community will serve as a model for what is possible for humans living in the awareness of our interconnection to all life.

IMPLEMENTATION: Through three main programs, all of which come together in the Eco Village.

      Affordable Housing: Eco Village, Co-Housing, Granny Unit Rentals, Affordable, green, fire-safe designs and grants for building materials through Team Lake County

      Eco Zone: promoting local Micro-Businesses that are earth-friendly, encouraging Co-ops and collaboration

      Community Resources programs: Trees as a Resource, Tool Lending Library, Community Gardens through NCO

 ABOUT Phoenix Rising’s Eco Village

The purpose of the project is to be an example to Lake County and the world of how to elevate and evolve the standard for living in connection with the earth, each other and ultimately ourselves. We accomplish this by living in community and examining and revising our priorities to bring health and happiness, abundance and freedom to the forefront.

Doing what we love (art, permaculture, preparing nutritious, delicious gut-healing food – and sharing it with others in a welcoming, friendly community) will attract prosperity as we demonstrate a healthy alternative lifestyle.


In addition to building the Eco-Village, your donation will help us offset the costs associated with organizing a successful fundraising event. Even though many costs can be minimized or defrayed through generous sponsors and partnerships with local schools/organizations, businesses, talent and media, there are still costs that require payment up front. We will do our very best to use your donations wisely and produce the best possible event with minimum investment so that we have a head start on reaching our goal of $1M before the event. Our goal is to buy and build an eco village, not to be in the business of perpetual Fundraising!

1) Sponsorships from progressive companies. Goddess of the Mountain (Fairlight’s cottage food operation) is leading by example, donating a percentage of profits on orders placed during the fundraising effort.

2) Fundraising Event. We’ve been offered a beautiful venue at Paradise Ridge winery’s outdoor amphitheater in Santa Rosa on a Thursday, September 29. Will have silent auction with artists donating a percentage from art sold.

3) Crowd-Funding / Press Releases. The story of how we helped to build this grassroots effort will be well received. We have kept it low key until we had achieved some success to crow about, and now with the Trees as a Resource TLC granting program’s recent success, we are ready to make a splash.

4) Business partnerships. Goddess of the Mountain will operate the commercial kitchen and food truck. Displaced Fire Survivor, Middletown Arts Center board member, artist, builder and welder Renata Jaworska will run an arts-and-crafts makers’ space. Fire Survivor and local architect Trina Johnson will design curriculum for natural building and workshops in conjunction with local permaculture schools. Jobs will be created for micro-entrepreneurs to drive the food truck and distribute the artisanal foods created at our kitchen and drive the bus that will bring guests and residents to town and local events. 

Thank you for your support. It takes a village to rebuild a village and we cannot do it without you! PLEASE FORWARD TO OTHER FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHO SHARE OUR MISSION! 

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