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Michael Logan

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Michael Logan

Bi-vocational pastor, currently working with persecuted refugees, pastor a small church, consult in business, and healing from colorectal cancer in the name of Jesus.

Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: September 4, 2020

Maintaining a "victory in Jesus mindset" in the midst of cancer diagnosis and treatment while working to save the planet's ecology??

WOW!  2020 (in the back of my mind I hear the voice of Franklin Roosevelt after Pearl Harbor, "a date which shall live in infamy"). 

While we have endured a great deal, we have had great grace - and believe God for victory over cancer and finances.  I say "we" because my wife and family/extended are in this with me.  I pray you will join ... and thanks if you have.


With COVID going on ... while battling colon cancer (in it to win it, in Jesus name), it remind me of wrestling: it's me and my opponent.  I have good coaches (doctors) and a good God, yet it is me and my opponent on the mat, and the stakes are a bit higher.  Going through the wildest election in my 68 years has affected us all.  Once again, WOW!
  • First round of chemo and radiation in May/June
  • Colorectal surgery in September, just four weeks ago
  • (NOTE: post surgery pathology shows zero cancer, however Medical Oncologist has advised a second round of chemo
  • Had surgical procedure to implant IV port on October 23, this Friday
  • Started second round of chemo October 26, which will run 12 doses over 24 weeks

We launched the fundraiser, in hopes we would see enough to carry us through this time, which we guessed would be $15,000-25,000.  

We raised $1,000 (thank you SO very much), a Biker club called Misfits for Christ (awesome name), and my wife's former husband (how to know God is in the mix somewhere) raised several hundred dollars, a dear brother and his family loaned us about $2k, and our private mortgage holder, Dan Nicholas (pastor and owner of Roofs by Nicholas - Midland, Texas) has allowed us to be almost 9 months in arrears).  If the Lord had not sent all of these, I do not know how we would have made it thus far.  Thank you.

Right now, our vehicle needs tags, a couple of tires and a little work.  Our bills are past due, and while we have a volunteer driver - he's retired and we need to pay for the gas to get to and from El Paso for treatment.

By the time we finish our second round of chemo, $15,000 out of pocket including travel expense, housing, and co-pays.

Please help if you can, and please share.  

To share via email or messenger please use this link: Thank you.


PayPal link:  ... (or just you can use your PayPal to "send money to a friend", PayPal. My email address for that is 

Venmo: @Michael-Logan-92

Wire funds: please email me at  for account and routing numbers.

Check: Michael Logan 100 High Lonesome Trail; Fort Davis, Texas 79734.  

You make the can make the check payable to me personally, or to SonLight Ministries (memo: for Pastor Logan), if you are more comfortable doing so, or would require a receipt for taxes. 

I am a bi-vocational pastor.  Called to ministry in 1989 and have served as pastor and missionary since.  Currently, my wife and I pastor a very rural non-denominational congregation of about 20-30, depending on the week

Our focus is on families escaping persecution who are trapped in non-asylum countries, and helping to develop a Christ-centered solution for homeless families in the USA.

SonLight Ministries is affiliated with Davis Mountains Community Church, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, and our elders have agreed to oversee that fund for the sake of accountability.  If you are sending a check, could you please email me and let us know it's on the way?  Thank you.

If you need references, either for ministry and/or business please email me:

Thank you for your help, your prayers, for sharing and God bless you always.

PAGE TWO OF THIS STORY: SAVING THE PLANET while living with a diagnosis of cancer, and maintaining 

I have a contract with a company who is moving manufacturing to the US.  

The PhD inventor has successfully installed over $12M in this product of $50M worth of projects in Canada.  The product is for commercial and industrial applications, it's proven and one of a kind.  This reduces energy consumption by 20-25%+, and thereby emissions.  It is a cogeneration unit in a box which uses waste heat as fuel.

The units sell for about $500K+, of which I receive a small percentage for each unit shipped.  I have worked on this for three years.  I cannot receive payment until product ships.  I am willing to sell a small portion of my agreement, which will yield significant returns and resolve all my debt.  All documentation available

The company already has the plant location, over $2M partially assembled inventory, $2M in contracts and grants from the state of New York, and is raising the balance of the cash which has been delayed, in part, by COVID challenges.  We expect the plant to start production between now and January.  

COVID also slowed that process, as the owners are Canadian, and the plant is in upstate New York.  The border was closed for about six months and there are still restrictions.

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