Surgery September 21, then more chemo

Fort Davis, Texas


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Surgery September 21, then more chemo


4% funded

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Michael Logan

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Michael Logan

Bi-vocational pastor, currently working with persecuted refugees, pastor a small church, consult in business, and healing from colorectal cancer in the name of Jesus.

Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: September 4, 2020

I'm Mike Logan, HEALED by God and, I believe, going through the treatment process which He has ordained for me.  

My colon cancer diagnosis was confirmed on March 24, 2020.  In May I began chemotherapy and radiation and I turned 68.  For six weeks when I was undergoing chemo and radiation we lived in El Paso, 3 hours from our home - and the nearest cancer treatment facility.  

Colorectal cancer is beatable.  I am healed, in Jesus’ name.  I also believe after much prayer that the Lord has put me on "treatment path" I am to follow: I have surgery Monday September 21, and after a few weeks of recovery from that - I will begin about six months of a second round of chemotherapy.  

This journey will take us into May of 2021 before it is final.

Life has had financial stresses for most of us in these times.  Cancer treatment plus travel is expensive … even with medicare and a supplement.  Since the nearest cancer treatment facilities are 3 hours away, all things factored in, this is on track to cost us $8,000 -12,000 per year out of pocket including travel expense, housing, and co pays.

I am a bi-vocational pastor.  Called to ministry in 1989 and have served as pastor and missionary since.  Currently, my wife and I pastor a very rural non-denominational congregation of about 30: Davis Mountains Community Church

With social security plus my paycheck for serving as pastor for the church, and delays in business (my other work) due to COVID, this year I am averaging only about $1500/month income.  We are significantly behind in essential bills, and in the middle of this cancer battle.  

My prayer is we can get caught up in the next few weeks by God's hand and with your help, if you are willing and able.  So far, we have raised about $1000.  Our goal is to raise $25,000 to cover travel, overnight stays, co-pays, mortgage and other pressing bills.

Please pray for my Tracii, my wife and our family - as cancer affects those close to us.  

Please help if you can, and please share.  To share via email or messenger please use this link: Thank you.

A GIFT FOR YOU... Training for surgery CHAI TEA (Tai Chi ... with a twist..)!!!

To donate, use this site - OR:

PayPal link:  ... (or just you can use your PayPal to "send money to a friend", PayPal. My email address for that is 

Venmo: @Michael-Logan-92

Check: Michael Logan 100 High Lonesome Trail; Fort Davis, Texas 79734.  

You make the can make the check payable to me personally, or to SonLight Ministries (memo: for Pastor Logan), if you are more comfortable doing so, or would require a receipt for taxes.  SonLight Ministries is affiliated with Davis Mountains Community Church, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, and our elders have agreed to oversee that fund for the sake of accountability.  If you are sending a check, could you please email me and let us know it's on the way?  Thank you.

Wire funds: please email me at  for account and routing numbers.

If you need references, either for ministry and/or business please email me:

Thank you for your help, your prayers, for sharing and God bless you always.

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