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Helping survive


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Terry Hill

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terry hill

Disabled person need your help

Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: December 23, 2019

I am in need of some serious help I have so much to say don't know where to start.. I am 58 years old and a transplant recipient also a veteran.. I lost my job in August 2019 which I worked on for 13 years as a part-time employee no benefits.. I am receiving disability benefits but if not enough to survive on.. the benefits I receive you either pay your rent or eat and don't pay your rent.. that's the reason I'm in this situation because I don't make enough income.. I am struggling to pay for my medication can't afford the dentist and I'm sick with pneumonia which makes it difficult for me to get up and locate work yet I still try my best to help my kids the best I can..but sometimes seems like your best is not good enough.. I have a car that's about to put me down and I am about to be homeless for Christmas and no food.. this may not be much to some people but if you never been in a situation like this you wouldn't understand..and this is only part of the story I can go on and on but what's the use...any help would be greatly appreciated.. by the time you receive this I'll probably be homeless and sick in the hospital.. may God bless anyone that could reach out and help if you can't you still have God's blessing...

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