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Sofia Guerra

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Category: Hunger & Housing

Start Date: January 16, 2020

Hi everyone this has taken alot out of me to do this online where everyone can see my cry for some support & help.I need some financial help with my rent and Bills.Im sitting here at the moment with no food in my fridge no money to buy anything and no gas to move my car I never thought this would happen to me .I just need a helping hand that will be there to support me and won't expect nothing in return.I'm just barrowing money and not getting any where Sonoma County is way to expensive everything is expensive!!! $2300 for a one bedroom home 400$ in food a month $350 for electricity & gas$70 garbage 200$ for cable witch I don't have anymore its ridiculous. My phone bill $55 a month and my shampoo and cleaning supplies and accessories another $200 a month oh yea I forgot my tickets for my license 100$ a month if I can get to it.Well hopefully someone can help me out thank u . Sincerely Sofia Guerra.Every little bit helps just the effort of trying is more then money can buy .

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