The Pancirov Family Needs Your Support

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The Pancirov Family Needs Your Support


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The Pancirov Family

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Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: April 21, 2017

If you are reading this, thank you for doing so and after you read what I am about to share with you, I hope that you will sympathize with my situation and help my family as much as you possibly can, because, at this point, I have no one else to turn to.

I am an engaged father of two children with a fiancé whom is extremely ill. A couple of years ago, my fiancé was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and she has been going through treatment for it ever since which includes both chemotherapy and radiation therapy. If you have ever gone through these treatments, then you know exactly how terrible they can be. Well, due to the severity of the treatments my fiancé has had to endure, she has not been able to work because she has been too sick to, so I am and have been the only income earner in my household for the past two years.

On top of taking care of my two kids and making sure that all of our living expenses are covered, I have also had to cover a lot of my fiancé’s medical expenses because, unfortunately, the majority of the costs associated with cancer treatment are not covered by health insurance. To cover these extra medical expenses, I have had to take out several personal loans over the past couple of years so now I am buried in over $20,000 of debt and my credit is pretty much destroyed at this point. Between the debt collectors, my fiancé’s ongoing medical expenses and my family’s living expenses, I am beyond struggling to make ends meet, especially since my credit is no longer acceptable to be approved for additional loans.

On top of it all, as if everything that I mentioned was not bad enough, I recently had my bank account hacked into as well! Someone was able to access my bank account and clean out every penny that I had so now I have no way to pay any of our bills, or put gas in the car so that I can get to my work or even put food on the table for my fiancé and kids. I have car payments that are overdue and now my rent is going to be due in about a week. If my car gets repossessed, I will not be able to get to work and if my family and I are evicted we have nowhere else to go, so we are at the risk of losing everything. Granted, I do work for a living, but my next paycheck is not coming for at least two more weeks and by then it will be too late.

I need to raise a minimum of $3,000 before this month is over so that my family and I don’t lose our home or the car that makes it possible for me to earn a living. This will also provide food so that my family can eat and it will keep gas in the car until I get my next paycheck. By raising that minimum amount, however, it doesn’t even touch the medical expenses or put a dent in our debt, but at least we won’t be without food or have to worry about getting evicted for the time being.

After reading my story, if you feel compelled to help my family then I plead with you to please do so. All of my resources have been exhausted so you are literally my last hope. Thank you again for reading this and thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity!  

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