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Yoga Faith Training and Immersion


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YogaFaith Immersion and Training

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Start Date: November 15, 2018

The last few months have brought a new season of life upon me. Many of you have prayerfully walked this road alongside myself and my family. You will never understand the depths of gratitude I have for you in that! With this season of change, I have greatly struggled with "what's next?" and finding my purpose amidst the pain. Back in March at the peak of the divorce beginning, my mom urged me to get out and begin to take better care of myself physically. So after mulling on that a bit, I eagerly joined a Yoga Studio in San Diego and found solace whenever I would head to my mat. Thankfully the studio I was going to, was not extreme in it's beliefs or pressing towards various religions. While I am sure that some showed up and worshipped their own gods, I showed up and found great comfort in my one hour of stillness with the Lord. On Saturday mornings, they offered a Christian Yoga class, which was downright amazing. Such a wonderful time of worshipping and resting in His arms. I fell in love with Yoga and have often thought about what I could do with it more, but not taken the action for various reasons. Many of you know that I work in a Chiropractic Office and as with that, are always striving to better myself through education and experience to be able to greater help the community. Yoga certification would allow that, while also allowing me to pursue something that I am greatly passionate about. Upon doing various research and praying over the Lord's will in this, I stumbled upon Yoga Faith. The very mission statement of Yoga Faith reads as follows,  "Our mission at YogaFaith is The Greatest Commandment: to love the Lord with all our heart, soul and mind and to love our neighbor just the same. YogaFaith seeks to holistically develop disciples to realize their anointing, heal the brokenhearted, set captives free and share the love of God throughout the world." WOW! How amazing is that. The training consists of five online coursework modules and then a hands-on "immersion" training for 7-8 VERY FULL days. They offer various dates and locations for the immersion training. I am trying my hardest to
go to the one in Atlanta in March, since airfare and hotel costs will be out of pocket, this location will be relatively inexpensive for me to get to and from, as it is closer than the other locations. The stipulation is that the cost for this is overwhelmingly expensive, given the circumstances currently. I truly believe though that when the Lord calls us to do something, even if we feel like we are walking blindly into it with only Faith, that He is good and He will provide the means. I am applying for a scholarship with YogaFaith, however that will still leave me needing to fund $2,500 out of pocket for the training alone and then even more out of pocket for airfare and hotel. I can afford to help myself some, but I cannot swing this amount fully, which is why I am creating this fundraiser and openly trusting that the Lord will provide. Much love to you all! -Becca Rose

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