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Southwest keys

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Ashley Vega

I am a mother that has a son that unfortunately we have struggled through the deepest financial difficulties and I don't want to see another kid get that way so yes I sell Avon and yes I am getting 10% of every purchase for the next two campaigns so I can help this school in this great program still help kids because after they are

Category: Youth

Start Date: May 11, 2020

exact keys program is a program in my son's middle school that helps low-income to homeless families make sure their children has uniforms they go above and beyond with food what ever possible and we are doing this to help the next year's kids have something a better school year a better start and less hungry gets so I am taking off 10% of every purchase from my Avon store that I sell to give to this program my son doesn't want other kids to go third way he went through. Please follow this link to my website my online store.

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